By creativecarcare

September 18, 2020


Everything You Need to Know About Car Paint Protection

Car paint protection in Sydney is a common service offered by dealers to people buying a new car. It is an invisible coating that is applied over the top of the car. It serves as a protective layer. It shields the paint from things like stone chips, tree sap, bird droppings and fading, all of which are common and damaging to untreated cars. It will not protect against heavier damage like parking scuffs and dents.

There are different types of paint protection. Often, dealers are keen to sell such treatments to buyers who want to keep their new car looking as good as possible. The cost can vary for a basic coating on a small car to four figures for more involved protection on large, luxury models. Either way, dealers make good money from optional extras and it’s safe to assume that they’re generating a profit.

Things to Consider Before You Opt for Paint Protection

If you are still undecided about the protection, there are a few things you should consider:

Do you have a lot of trees in your yard? If yes, then you should consider protecting your paint against birds, acorns, and other natural debris.

Do you have a long daily commute or enjoy taking weekend road trips? Then paint protection is a good thing for your car as it can protect the paint from chips caused by flying stones and insects.

Do you keep your car in a garage when you are not driving it? You can skip the option of paint protection in this case.

Do you clean your car regularly or hire professionals? In this case, you do not need the protection as regular care can keep the car’s paint intact.

Is Paint Protection Necessary?

Paint protection is one of the best waysto keep your car’s exterior in top condition. It means it will be easier to clean and you won’t have to worry so much about polishing it or small bits of damage.

Before you decide whether or not to pay for it, you should consider where your car will spend most of its time when you’re not driving it. If you park your car outsidenear trees or overhead cables where birds roost, paint protection is probably a good investment.

It’s also worth considering if you cover a lot of miles, because the paintwork is more likely to pick up small bits of damage, such as stone chips.However, if the car is usually garaged overnight, rarely spends an evening outside or doesn’t cover many miles, there’s probably less need for a protective coating.

Equally, if you are prepared to clean your car regularly and look after the paintwork, or get a professional detailer to polish it and remove any blemishes, there’s little argument for protection products. It can be a cheaper processbut that depends on how frequently you clean the car.

New car paint protection is an optional service. There is no mechanical reason for you to add it to your vehicle. However, if you are concerned about keeping the shine or value retention, it is a good idea. Your car is a rather significant and lasting investment, so keep it looking good. Just remember that the paint protection only goes so far. It does not protect the car against bad driving or dings from vehicles parked to close.

If you plan to keep your vehicle in a garage, protection is not needed unless you drive it on a regular basis. One more thing that you need to consider is how much you travel away from home. If paint protection does not apply to your home life, the protection may help keep your car looking its best on the road.

Everyone that buys a new car wants to keep it in top shape for as long as possible. The dealer offers the paint protection service as it helps you achieve the goal. However, it is important to know it is only an option and not necessary for the long term health of the vehicle. To avoid confusion or extra stress as you close the deal, decide whether you want it added to your car before you begin the shopping process.