Engine & Exterior Car Wash Sydney

At Creative Car Care, we take pride in giving your car a thorough engine and exterior car wash Sydney service. We provide a wide range and quality of services we provide our customers are. We offer comprehensive exterior car washing services that include exterior car body washing and dry exterior with microfiber dry or chamois. From regular car washing to free the dirt and dust to thorough hand washing, we’ll keep your car looking it’s absolute best. We take pride in excellent customer services, hence; drop by to discuss your car’s cleaning needs with our expert staff at Creative Car Care.

Underbody Car Wash and Cleaning Service

Washing your car’s underbody is indispensable to prevent premature rust in the chassis. Your car travels over diverse road conditions and surfaces. Ideally, if you’ve driven your car through a muddy or a dusty road, snow or have been on the beaches with saltwater, it will trap the moisture and speed up the rusting. The best thing, in this case, is to get your car’s underbody washed adequately to remove the accumulated dirt.

At Creative Care Care, we offer an entire underbody cleaning service in Sydney, including lifting the vehicle on a hoist for a comprehensive cleaning. We pay detailed attention to the car’s chassis, suspension components, wheel arches, as well as the engine bay.

Exterior Car Wash & Polish Services

It is quite natural and happens many times that your car’s exterior needs cleaning and washing. Opt for exterior car wash & polish in Sydney then. Our team of experts will remove the dirt and stain from the car’s paint, glass, wheels, mud flaps, plastic trims, chrome, tyres and exhaust tip. If it’s been quite some time, since your car has had experienced a thorough wash and polishing, you might like to consider one to make it look super attractive and shining once again.

Firstly, we wash your car’s paint with a pH neutral shampoo with paint protection properties to remove the dirt without harming the colour or trims. Then the wheels, arches, mud flaps and tyres are cleaned. After that, we apply gloss to the tyres to keep them looking dirt-free and shiny. Finally, the car’s exterior is chamois-dried, and high-pressure air is used to get rid of water from panel joins and trims, leaving no drip marks after you drive off. If your car is also in need of such thorough and excellent cleaning or polishing service, get in touch with us at Creative Car Care to speak to our experts.